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Diaphragm — The diaphragm also fits inside the vagina but covers only the cervix, where it blocks sperm from entering the uterus. It is made of silicone and can last up to two years. A spermicide must also be used for greatest effectiveness. Cervical cap — The cervical cap is similar to a diaphragm but smaller in size and made of rubber instead of silicone. It is useful for women who find it hard to keep a diaphragm in place. Implant — Implants are flexible matchstick-size devices that are surgically inserted into a woman's arm.

They slowly release the hormone progestin into the body, preventing a woman's ovaries from releasing eggs. The protection can last several years. The patch — For women who don't want to take a pill or insert a device, the Ortho Evra birth control patch sticks to the body and releases pregnancy-preventing hormones through the skin. A woman must change her patch once a week for three weeks in a row. No patch is used in the fourth week, and then the cycle starts again. Vaginal ring — NuvaRing, approved for use in the United States in , is a small, flexible ring inserted into the vagina.

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It releases estrogen and progestin, the same pregnancy-preventing hormones found in most variations of the birth-control pill. Vaginal sponge — Introduced in , the Today Sponge was pulled from the market after fears of toxic shock but returned in following design changes.

The sponge contains spermicide and can be inserted into the vagina before sex, like a diaphragm, to prevent pregnancy. The shot — Depo-Provera, an injection form of birth control, provides protection for three months with hormones that prevent ovulation and block sperm. It doesn't contain estrogen, as do some other forms of birth control. As a result, it is a popular option for women who can't take estrogen or who are breastfeeding. Morning-after pill — Emergency contraception, frequently referred to as the morning-after pill, can be taken to prevent pregnancy up to five days after unprotected sex.

It can prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs and thickens a woman's cervical mucus. The morning-after pill can also thin the uterus lining, which could prevent a fertilized egg from attaching. Story highlights Natural Cycles app tracks a woman's fertile days and suggests when to use contrapection The Annovera vaginal ring protects against pregnancy for one year. Also Friday, the FDA announced approva l of a vaginal ring designed by the global nonprofit research organization the Population Council.

Called Annovera, the device is "the first vaginal ring contraceptive that can be used for an entire year," the FDA said. According to the Population Council, Annovera is the first in a new class of contraceptives. The soft reusable ring combines a new progestin segesterone acetate with a widely used estrogen ethinyl estradiol to develop a single product designed to be left in place for 21 days and removed for seven days.

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In partnership with the pharmaceutical company TherapeuticsMD, the council plans to offer the ring at significantly reduced prices to lower-income women at federally designated Title X family planning clinics in the United States. For birth control, what's old is new again. However, a study from the University of Iowa found that if more women knew about it, one in five would consider it as an option.

Natural Cycles hopes to tap into that market. The app uses sperm survival rates, body temperature and menstrual cycles to predict a woman's fertile days. To use the app, a woman must take her temperature with a basal body thermometer, which provides accurate data to the 10th of a degree, every morning.

FDA approves 1st birth control app, long-term vaginal contraception ring

A red light then warns if there is a risk of pregnancy and to use contraception; a green light says it's safe to have unprotected sex. Women who are using birth control or hormonal treatments that inhibit ovulation must stop before using the app, the FDA warned because it could invalidate the app's assessment. Women with a medical condition with which pregnancy would be associated with a significant risk , such as high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease, should not use the app at all.

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Nor does it provide protection against sexually transmitted infections. Natural Cycles was developed by nuclear physicist Elina Berglund Scherwitzl , who was part of the Nobel Prize-winning team that discovered the Higgs boson particle, part of a model that explains the fundamental building blocks of the universe.

She and her husband developed and marketed the Natural Cycles algorithm after not finding a satisfactory hormone-free contraceptive option on the market.

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Launched in Sweden in as a fertility app to help women who are trying to become pregnant, the app obtained approval last year as a certified contraceptive from the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the app is a form of contraception called fertility awareness. In the first year of typical use of fertility awareness, between 12 and 24 women of every could become pregnant, the group said.

If it is used perfectly -- consistently and correctly -- that risk falls to one in five pregnancies per women.

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Specialty brands often require medical benefit co-pay programs, particularly for infused and in-office administered products. Our team of experts will work to understand your financial support needs, building an integrated co-pay solution to help you serve patients and promote loyalty.

We engage and educate provider staff in the processes of enrollment, claims submission and payment. We also provide ongoing adherence coaching for patients to help them overcome barriers, set expectations and deter drop off. For replacement cards and support for pharmacists, please visit copayhelp.

This white paper outlines the solutions that manufacturers can use to support regulatory compliance to screen patients for Medicare Part D during co-pay discount program enrollment. Learn how to use patient savings programs to mitigate the risk of financially motivated primary fill abandonment and its negative consequences. PDF 98 KB. BLOG Leveraging Patient Savings Programs to Reduce Prescription Abandonment Learn how to use patient savings programs to mitigate the risk of financially motivated primary fill abandonment and its negative consequences.

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