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There is no room for complacency, for thinking that digital tools will revolutionize your company and make you more successful simply by you having them. Incumbents cannot afford to be comfortable with established positions. A great example was the comfort felt by Kodak, a technology company that dominated the photographic film market in the 20th century, but then crucially ignored the rise of digital photography and camera phones.

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Kodak refused to see it as a disruptive technology, fell behind, and ultimately filed for bankruptcy in This type of occurrence is all too common and stems from a refusal on the part of established companies to think progressively. To thrive, and keep thriving, your company needs to ask itself some key questions: what do our customers want? Greater convenience, better customer service or more choice? Or all of the above? And to address these challenges, the answer is always innovation, the practice of turning a basic idea into a good or service that creates and delivers value.

For businesses, innovation comes when ideas and lateral thinking are applied with a view to satisfying the needs and expectations of customers. Put more basically, business innovation is about doing more, doing better, doing right and doing new, on a continuous basis. This is key to how companies can stay ahead of the game in the digital era: think business first. Innovate around business first, and only then think about technology and how technology can help you achieve those business goals.

Based on day-to-day customer engagements, my team has learned that the key things to do are: align your priorities to your business strategy and business needs and further to that, foster a culture of innovation within your company and encourage your teams to collaborate with experts, partners and even customers.

Co-innovation is all about cooperation and collaboration to drive innovation, and today it has become a crucial value creation tool for companies. Ignoring co-innovation is no longer an option. Central to that process was the use of French as the country's official language, with revolutionary thinkers stating that regional languages represented the "barbarism" of the past and needed to be "obliterated.

Bilbao said the situation in France was worse than in many other European countries with linguistic minorities such as Spain and the UK. France is one of few states not to have ratified the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages; a treaty which is considered crucial by campaigners for the protection of the continent's linguistic diversity.

Some go further still, drawing a comparison between the lack of official recognition for Breton and other regional identities and French attitudes to minorities highlighted by the recent deportations of Roma migrants and the banning of Muslim headscarves. It's part of the French political culture to be scared of the outside and to be scared of the inside as well," says Breton journalist Yann Rivallain, editor of ArMen magazine.

Many activists were accused of collaborating with the German occupiers -- and killed.

For years afterwards, the language was banned in schools, with playground notices reading: "No spitting on the ground or speaking Breton. There was no place for the language in public life. It was something hidden. Many parents simply chose not to pass on a language which was seen as representative of a backward culture, fearing it would give their children a disadvantage in life. Rivallain sees parallels with the struggle of recent immigrant groups, such as those from Arab backgrounds, to integrate into French life.

And the second and third generation are realizing that it's not happening at all," he told CNN. They asked my parents to give up everything. They said you're going to get jobs, you're going to have a modern way of life, but for a long time it didn't happen. More recently however, Breton activists have benefited in their efforts to promote the language from the support of local organizations and politicians more sympathetic to regional issues.

Bilingual road signs have become commonplace, while Lorient's An Oriant in Breton Interceltique Festival has become an annual celebration of Breton music, culture and identity. Significantly, in the French National Assembly voted for a constitutional amendment recognizing regional languages as "part of French heritage. Davyth Hicks of Eurolang, which lobbies the European Union on language issues, said the bill was encouraging but faced an uphill task to become law.

He, in turn, had just resigned following on the forced departure of Mordrel : He and Raymond Delaporte were the type of people who could not get on together in any case.


I felt that Morvan Lebesque , with his experience of professional journalism, would make a good editor-in-chief of the daily. I finally found him in a back-room of the editorial office of a Paris newspaper, near Faubourg Montmartre. He seemed surprised that I had been able to trace him, and obviously sought to remain forgotten. Neither did he believe in my own projects, nor did my explanations of the policy I was planning to follow succeed in convincing him. Unfortunately, this essay was to become a sort of testament and spiritual swan song.

But it is thanks to it that his memory will survive. Though personal relationships were not always the easiest with such a dominant character, full of a sense of his own superiority, his aristocracy and his talent, I still regretted having to let him go at the time. We always kept in touch later on, until his sudden death a few years ago. Olier Guyon , who originated from St. Brieuc and was a Breton militant of long standing much older than myself — I had been to school at St. Olier was a taciturn man with great convictions whose loyalty to his beliefs was without a doubt.

He happened to be available but was unable to leave Paris for family and personal reasons. He accepted at least to take on the job of permanent correspondent on the spot for us.

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He continued doing so as long as the paper was in existence. This was the cause of his being prosecuted at the time of the Liberation but fortunately with no penal consequences. He understood completely all our problems and we had met quite often before. I was not aware at the time that he was unreliable and had a difficult character. He knew everyone there and was to be seen at all the official banquets which gave him the opportunity of feeding himself at very little cost: but he was also known, by all his friends, for his tendency to call on them just before mealtime, which they would have to invite him to share.

Moreover, he was a brother to the Senator of the same name and a direct uncle of Jeanne Le Flem. He came to fetch them himself, usually around mid-day. He really had no specific beliefs, seeking only those which fulfilled his ambitions at the time. It was only much later that I became convinced that he had insidiously sharpened the conflicts which had opposed de Baecker to the rest of the team. I have always found it hard to get used to insincerity, and even more so to believe in it and accept it.

Rouault possessed a certain amount of enthusiasm. He had a gift for writing and did his work well. That he was not very talkative did not bother me. No doubt the latter was an expert where I was not. My various problems and contacts with different people, together with rejections, cowardice, revenge and despicable acts which marked that period of the Liberation, finally convinced me that good nature, courage, sincerity and fidelity are rare virtues in this world. Thus, all the more reason to cherish those who display these uncommon qualities.

One does not come across them very often along the winding road of life.

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Yet only they can light up the path and help you reconcile with life. Xavier de Langlais was one of the latter: he was not a journalist by profession, but I was able to help him out of a difficult financial situation by entrusting the illustrations of our columns and our serials to him, as well as the drafting of our small daily column in Breton.

He accomplished all of these with his usual talent and conscientiousness. He wrote a number of the Breton columns of Seizh Avel himself, the rest were the work of a network of Breton associates he had gathered together. Later on when we set up offices in Morlaix, the scarcity of newspaper forced us to eliminate most of our illustrations.

He worked from home, rue Victor Hugo, and I did not see him that often, though we sometimes visited each other as a couple with Marie-Madeleine and Annick. It was always a great comfort to me and a rest from my multiple tasks, to talk with this patient, gentle and uncomplicated man whose fine features were always underlined by a bow tie. Xavier de Langlais was deeply sincere and firm in his beliefs: he was well aware of his own worth but was careful not to show it.

He was obsessed with the idea of leaving some lasting work behind him, such as a monument erected to the glory of his nation, his language, traditions and his soul.

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Moreover he had a very refined mind. He was a painter, poet and philosopher all at once. The erudition of Xavier de Langlais in Breton matters was only surpassed by that of Robert Audic , whom I had called to my side specially to look after Ar Brezhoneg er Skol. I had settled him into a small office next to mine.

Gentle and shy with a sickly nature, he was a fountain of science. His weak health did not permit him to hold his post for very long.

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He was replaced by Alain Le Berre , when it became necessary to follow more closely the network of Breton courses we had created in a number of primary schools. He was an avid reader and occasionally wrote for La Bretagne. Throughout his life he remained faithful to the Breton language. His work on Breton ichthyology, published shortly before his death, ranked him as one of the most prominent researchers of his generation.

With his eternal pipe and tartan ties, he continued to work conscientiously alongside me until the Liberation. He had settled himself into a small room alongside our offices. But a serious illness soon caused him to leave us also: he was never effectively replaced. The team of journalists at our central offices were a rather motley group: at our editorial meetings, held on a daily basis at first, then weekly, I usually presided and was thus able, little by little , to get to know the response of each one to the policy I was pursuing.

Thus I was better able to advise them when, at the end of our first year, we had to transfer the printing and the editorial office of the paper to Morlaix. When the paper left Rennes I was able to channel him towards a post as local editor of the Agence des Nouvelles Continentales which had set up an office in Rennes. I had taken him on as a freelance journalist at first and afterwards on a permanent basis.

He had the audacity, the enthusiasm, the imprudence and faults of his youthfulness. A great talent struck down in the flower of youth, a tragic and pointless death, as were many others unfortunately during those troubled times.

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  • Those who assassinated him made sure they left no trace of their identities. Meticulous and tidy, he carried out this often unpleasant task to perfection. He was motivated by a deep love for his area of Vannes and has since dedicated a number of books to illustrate it.

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    His loyalty to his friends and his country has always been unfailing. I was not able to organise a suitable position for him before we left Rennes. He is one of those I have always regretted having to part with. He was by far the eldest of our team. A move which did not work out as he had no children by the Irish girl and she was one of the most anglophile persons I had ever met.

    For this service, he was remunerated directly by our colleagues. He took on the post of editor in charge of the abundant sports column which I had decided to include in the paper.