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Welcome to Pitre Kia of Las Cruces. Drive Home Your Next Kia Home on Your Terms Once you find the perfect vehicle, you will likely need a low interest finance rate to drive it home with complete confidence. Landmark honda doesn't stand by their word. I got a deal last year and when i got to the dealership they change the pricing and have so many salesman trying to haggle me about i could not get that price.

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There wording has different meaning than you might think. Still researching, from simple bluetooth speaker phone to intergrate into the radio. March From Chicago area dealer.

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I think he rode in on a donkey.. I purchased from Russell and Smith here in Houston. Is Donkey a Ford? Hi Kenneth, That's an awesome deal! Do you mind sharing where you bought it? That be appreciated. Intelligent consumers: What are you finding for prices on the net and at the dealers for Hondas and Hyundai Crossovers?

Mileage is comparable. Could you please tell me how you got the price? Is it some kind of internet price? Russell Smith only sent me an email, I think that was about 20, But it's funny you should ask. Watching a news story this week on the Today show mentioned the difference between a smaller vehicle from Honda and Hyundai.

The consumer needed a cheaper car to drive to and from work. She immediately was leaning towards Hyundai with a cheaper cost. But once CR did their homework, they found that cost of ownership was cheaper with the Honda. They based it on insurance, depreciation, MPG etc. So that might be something else for you to ponder. The Santa Fe is a nice vehicle and looks like a bargain based on purchase cost, but CR-V stomps it in total cost of ownership due to depreciation and fuel efficiency. And having looked closely at both, my personal impression was that while the SF is bigger "on paper" it didn't seem significantly roomier inside.

In fact the CR-V had noticeably better legroom in the second row. The SF has the third seat but it is very cramped. If you need a third seat for regular use by other than small children you need a bigger vehicle than the SF.

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The lowest I remember was 1. Wondered what the real situation is. Dealers are telling me 'hard to get', translation pay what is on the sticker! I am not sure about the rebates If you could possibly send me the information of the salesman, and how you got the deal. I'll really appreciate it. Just email you with the dealer name and salesperson name. If you just want to quote a price, you won't get the price as mine.

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It took me more than four hours to get this low price and I really need to buy the car that day. Almost all 4WD. I went to Open Road as well. I told them I wanted 24, They looked at me like I had 5 heads. He told me like 28 something and I said no.

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Then he says we might be able to do 27, So I have been using that number to see what others can do and they tell me Open Road said that just because I was going to leave. So now I am contemplating just an EX. For all that extra money But I kind of wanted luxury look and feel, you know?

So he got the price of the EX out the door around 25, But I think I can still do better. Anyone else go anywhere in NJ???? I wouldn't give up the leather and dual climate just because some salesman tries to convince you they aren't needed.

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You will wish later you had gotten what you really wanted. Dur able, lasting protection In decorator colors. I digit cap. Jene Fuller and Mrs. Calkins and their assistants. Fuller is in charge of entertainment. Richard Friesen will have free hay rides down country roads and through orchard areas of all. Friesen, dressed in a clown costume, and her performing dog will entertain along the way.

David Anderson and their daughter will entertain with country- western music and songs. For the older youngsters, there will be supervised games and contests. Prizes will be given to the winners. Extension Club members will sell beef stew, ham and cheese sandwiches, fried cherry pies, cake with cherry topping, cherry cider, coffee and tea.

The food is prepared in a kitchen which holds a Class A health rating and will be served in the formal dining room, spokesman noted. Calkins is in charge of the Cherry Cook-off scheduled for 8 to 10a.

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Saturday, June She said ail entries will be welcome. There is no entry fee. Recipes should accompany entries. Entries will be judged on an overall basis; there will be no breakdown into categories. The three judges are professionals in food and nutrition.

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All entries become the property of the Apple Bowl Extention Club and will be sold at prices depending on cost of the product when the judging is completed. For more information on the cook-off, call Mrs. Calkins at Calkins also is in charge of selling space to individuals, groups and clubs who wish to sell handmade products at the Festival. She said most of the individuals, clubs and organizations participating in previous Festivals have reserved space this year as well as several newcomers.